How it Works

Getting Started…

To get started simply CLICK HERE or click the “Rent all $9.95” button within the video window itself.

How to Pay

A payment window will pop up after you click the “Rent all $9.95”, in that window simply enter your First and Last Name, Email Address and a Password (not your email password). An email address and password is required to login to watch the videos when you return at a later date. Next, complete the credit card information or select PayPal. Complete your order by clicking “Rent $9.95”. That’s it… you can now begin watching the videos.

Selecting a Video

On the right (or below) you will find all the videos in the series. All 27 of them! To watch any of the videos, simply click on the video title you want to watch, a window will pop up, click the play button if the video does not automatically start. Sit back, watch and enjoy!

Need Help Getting Started?

If you need any help or have questions on renting the Pickleball Clinic series of videos online, please feel free to call or email us anytime.
PHONE: 800-765-4018
Thanks! The Pickleball Coach Team